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At Delta Risk Management, we believe that travel safety and security rests on three key pillars of learning: (1) awareness of your surrounding environment; (2) developing your scenario plan to mitigate key risks; and (3) developing the skills to execute your plan and contingencies as required. For organisations, these three pillars should be anchored in a robust and practical travel policy framework.

We bring together the right people to match your training interests and needs to deliver engaging and effective personal and travel safety training.

Delta Risk Management

Tim Morris

Director’s background and welcome

Tim Morris is the founder and Managing Director of Delta Risk Management. He has travelled and worked extensively in medium to high risk countries and has considerable experience in risk management, organisational problem-solving and in executing travel plans safely.

Tim has 20 years of professional experience across the commercial, foreign aid, government and education sectors. He has worked for KPMG’s Risk Management Practice, he developed his outdoor survival and OH&S skills as a scientist and dive team leader for the Government of Canada – often leading teams in hazardous ocean conditions. Tim has worked as an advisor to the Canadian Coast Guard and British Columbia Offshore Oil & Gas, and he managed World Vision’s Food Security unit – growing a global portfolio of projects aimed at promoting peace, stability and livelihoods in developing nations with project partners such as the World Bank, the Australian Government and local operatives from Africa, through to the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Tim has presented in forums such as the United Nations in Poland and also to the World Economic Forum and the Caux Dialogue for Sovereign Land Security in Switzerland. He has spent significant time in the field, working in a wide range of developing nations and communities. He has also guided new people operating in medium to high risk countries and participated in the personal safety, security and communications training of international humanitarian and emergency relief workers prior to deployment.

Tim holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA, Entrepreneurship Scholar), a Bachelors Degree in Science (B.Sc.), a Certificate IV in Training and Evaluation, a Senior 1st Aid Certificate (including basic emergency life support), a Certificate in Personal Safety Security and Communications, Victorian Department of Justice Clearance for Working with Children, a Black Belt in Taekwondo (in which he currently instructs children), BSAC + OH&S Canada SCUBA Diving Qualifications (1,000+ dives logged) and an Assistant Instructor’s Certificate of Water Safety and Boat Handling (Yachting Australia). Tim has also been a registered Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management since 1999. He is passionate about supporting client organisations to fulfil strategic objectives, while managing duty of care through highly practical risk management solutions.

“We look forward to working with you and the people you care about, to raise your risk management and travel safety levels in a truly engaging way.”

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Email: tim.morris@deltariskmanagement.com.au