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We specialise in organisational travel policy risk reviews and travel safety training for: students and their tour leaders; schoolies and gap year backpackers; employees and their families travelling for work; and private tour groups…

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Pre-tour Security & Safety Briefings

We can provide insightful security and safety focused briefings for travel policy makers, tour group leaders and individuals prior to departure.
Our expert analysis and reporting is based upon world-class security and safety intelligence, relevant to your destination and covering areas such as:
  • Context specific travel health and safety
  • Ground transportation and accommodation risks
  • Petty, organised and violent crime risk
  • Civil unrest, terror risk and no-go zones
  • Human induced and natural hazards, including disease outbreaks
  • Levels of anti-western sentiment
  • Western government endorsed medical facilities
  • Expectations around policing response in-country
  • Getting help and getting home.
What you get: contextually relevant security and safety intelligence, supporting your duty of care and personal responsibility towards pre-departure travel planning.
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Travel Security & Safety Training

We tailor comprehensive training for tour leaders, travellers and policy makers, designed to improve the capacity of the individual and the collective organisation to undertake travel more safely. We can cover areas such as:
  • Travel planning for foreign or risky environments
  • Health and stress management when travelling
  • Transportation and accommodation security
  • Public spaces and threatening situation awareness
  • Safety in crowds and around civil unrest
  • Personal crime prevention and terror response
  • Critical incident response when travelling
  • Disaster response and survival​

Our workshops are interactive and include group problem-solving scenarios, designed to create a memorable and engaging learning experience for all participants.

What you get: increased awareness and preparedness to operate more securely and safely in foreign environments, reducing risk to the individual and to the organisation.
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Travel Policy & Procedure Risk Reviews

We can provide independent and expert appraisal of your organisation’s approach towards travel security and safety covering areas such as:
  • “Red team” gap analysis of key policy risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Travel policy and procedure review and improvement against better practice
  • Pre-screening process improvement for travel – especially for risky locations, or travel involving key/VIP personnel
  • Travel risk matrix improvement and design for practical usage
  • Residual risk treatment and monitoring for mitigation and improved travel incident management
  • Change management support to elevate travel safety and competency across the organisation
What you get: independent risk assessment and improvement support, as required, for your organisation’s approach towards travel safety and security.

We aim to deliver truly compelling training experiences and risk management advice in personal and travel safety, designed to help you and the people you care about to become more aware, prepared and skilled at staying safe.