Spotlight: COVID-19 Challenges

Helping your organisation to keep going

The myriad of unforeseen risks to people and organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic is truly extensive and constantly evolving, from adjustments in government health and safety compliance requirements, through to just keeping on going in the face of mounting personal and commercial pressure. Delta Risk Management is here to help.

To date, some of the biggest challenges that Delta Risk Management has assisted its clients to successfully navigate have included:

  • Separating fact from fiction to perform rapid risk assessment and crisis response decision analysis
  • Supporting business continuity planning for clients to stay open when closure seemed imminent
  • Providing experienced risk management surge capacity to support evolving client requirements
  • Determining effective ways to manage and to monitor the risks, through proven approaches

This is certainly an unprecedented time where poor decision-making, or inadequate scrutinization of choices can prove to be extremely costly. With experience providing risk management services to the global public health disease prevention sector, as well as a wide range of other sectors, Delta can help you by casting an independent and professional eye over the tough decisions to be made within your organisation. Contact us today for a free initial discussion, to talk through your situation.