About Us

Established in 2015, Delta Risk Management is a boutique strategy consultancy specialising in security, safety and risk management advisory services. Our people are highly qualified, diplomatic and come from sectors such as top-tier management consulting, protective security, government, international humanitarian relief and education. The people you deal with are the people who do the job – we never farm your work out to juniors.

We have achieved steady and growing demand through referral and repeat business across a blue chip client base
from world-class universities and schools, through to global health providers, insurers, humanitarian aid organisations and private equity firms looking to better manage their operational risk.

We are police and government registered private security advisors, who regularly collaborate with allied industry, government and multilateral agencies to manage the security, safety and risk exposure of our clients.

We work with our clients remotely and face-to-face, both domestically and internationally.

We support our clients with protective security planning and intelligence gathering.

We are actively involved in COVID-19 crisis management and business continuity planning for our clients.