Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Helping your people to become more aware and prepared for a range of situations

While those from military, emergency services and protective security backgrounds often have the skills and experiences to handle themselves in unsafe environments, the average civilian may not; yet how can people easily and quickly access the right training to become more aware and prepared to overcome unsafe situations? Further, how can organisations fulfil duty of care responsibilities to provide safe working environments?

Whether you are deploying people to foreign locations, or your members of staff have flagged interest in becoming more empowered in the domestic setting, Delta can support your training needs. From short briefing sessions, through to multiple-day scenario training programs, we cover modules such as: the fundamentals of personal security and safety; ground transportation, accommodation and public space risk assessment; critical incident response do’s and don’ts; and personal safety during civil unrest and natural/human induced disasters. Contact us to discuss your training needs.