Incident Investigation

Working with you to seek the facts and provide insight when things go wrong

Not only is risk management about preventing things from going wrong and building upon opportunities, but it can also be about seeking the facts and providing insight into incidents to support the process of justice, remediation and improvement.  The challenge, however, lies in the process of unemotive fact seeking and arms length investigation, which can become very awkward when attempting to manage the process in-house. For example, investigating a colleague whom one then has to work with, can make for an untenable and stressful situation, which is where Delta can help.

We have experience in discretely working with clients and compliance authorities to get to the bottom of situations, in order to support fair, timely and reasonable solution finding. From incidents involving people, through to incidents brought about by non-human asset failure, Delta can help you to problem-solve difficult situations so that you can get on with your job.