Protective Security Strategies

Working with you to assess, develop and implement cost-effective security and safety measures

Our protective security service offering was born out of client necessity to protect people and property from credible threats both domestically and internationally. No matter where you choose to operate in the world, Delta usually has the capacity to act as a third-party procurement provider where we work with you to carefully plan, vet and implement end-to-end security arrangements. From the provision of discrete close personal protection detachments through to the protection of high value goods in transit, Delta can support your organisation to implement cost-effective security strategies, providing safety and increased certainty where it counts.

We collaborate with leading government and private industry organisations across the “Five Eyes,” as well as other credible parties, to determine context and assignment specific protective security arrangements. Through a process of thorough cross-checking, interviewing and intelligence gathering, Delta works with dedicated purpose to achieve the right outcomes for your safety and security needs, so that you can focus on your core business without a worry.