Regional Intelligence Reporting

Providing you with the right information to operate safely

Whether you are planning to open a new office in a foreign location, or arranging any form of travel  – from secondments, through to group touring and field assignments – Delta can support the decisions you make about when and where to go and the key considerations to stay safe and secure.

Through understanding your purpose, the locations you intend to spend time in and the activities in which you wish to engage, we have the capability to provide detailed advice to reduce the risk exposure of your people and any other valuable assets. We have advised a wide range of groups working and exploring over six continents. From medical teams and Himalayan treks, through to trade missions, school groups and sports tours, we are experienced at identifying ’no-go’ zones, uninsurable activities and in helping you to develop sensible contingency plans.

Delta complements government travel advisory services, through accredited access to a range of security and safety intelligence sources, often including contacts on the ground to help verify our reporting on matters such as public health and safety, terror threats, violent crime, gender specific threats, accommodation security, natural and human induced hazards, ground transportation risks, emergency services capability, corruption and fraud, cyber crime, evacuation considerations, anti-foreigner sentiment, and other indicators available to support your decision-making.